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Be Food is the ultimate specialist in fresh salads. With the quickly evolving market and the varying trend in consumption, the range has been further extend to include fish and meat salads, vegetable salads, pasta salads and meal salads. We offer the fitting answer for any time of the day.


Besides Jebo we also offer the CooKKing brand. CooKKing stands for culinary, artisanal ready-made meals with as the basis high quality ingredients combined with exquisite sauces. Our basic range, that is available throughout the whole year, is supplemented by specific products depending on the season and theme. This ensures variation and alternation in what we offer.


The focus is on quality and taste across the whole company. Production suffices with regard to the most stringent requirements made of the fresh food sector.


You can find more information about the company and our range on our website


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Be Food!

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