De Spiegeleire

De Spiegeleire pâté combines the old with the new. The traditional method for making pâté with fresh liver is retained, but it takes place in an ultramodern factory. The best of both worlds.


De Spiegeleire is specialized in pâtés, available in round 100 different types of pâté and packaged in more than 100 different types of packaging from 100 grams to 25 kg.

In 1996, the first HACCP-certificate in the Belgian meat product sector was awarded by TÜV to De Spiegeleire. Over the years we have continued to invest here, with as a result that on 29 July 2009 we were not only again awarded the BRC certificate level A, but also the highly prized IFS certificate. The IFS certification system that is comparable with BRC was developed by German retailers. It has the main objective of guaranteeing food safety and hygiene in the food processing sector. French retailers have also quite recently subscribed to this system, so more and more French retailers are requiring their suppliers to comply with these standards. Currently De Spiegeleire is the proud owner of the certificates: IFS Higher Level and BRC version 7 Great A.


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De Spiegeleire 

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