Colac is a family business with a high quality and extensive range of ingredients for the artisanal ice cream maker, dairy farm, bakery and food service as well as customer-specific, innovative fruit, chocolate and caramel preparations for the food industry.


Colac has an extensive range of ice cream paste, ice cream powders, toppings, sundaes, compounds and other fillings for the artisan end user (in ice cream, dairy, bakery and food service). For the food industry, Colac always works tailor-made for the customer, from recipe or packaging to delivery modalities, always in close collaboration with the customer.


Since its foundation in 1981, Colac has grown into a leading brand for the artisan end user and a reliable partner for the industry. This success is based on the four fundamental building blocks of Colac: Customer Satisfaction, Belgian Expertise, Innovation and Family Values.


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Biezenstraat 27 - 2340 Beerse

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