Breydel stands for ham and bacon, made from pure Belgian pork of the highest quality.

Artisanaly prepared with the finest herbs and baked in a traditional oven. This guarantees you the honest and delicious Breydel taste.


The Breydel oven ham and oven bacon distinguishes itself from all others by being baked for a number of hours in a traditional oven.


Breydel already strives for perfection for several years and also was awarded “higher level” during last IFS-audit. We examine the quality of the products each and every day while setting the bar higher each time.

Breydel does everything possible to enhance public health and the protection of the environment. Measures to protect the environment on top of that required by law forms part of the corporate mission. The warehouse roof is covered by 50 m2 of solar panels. These provide for the production of hot water while using the heat released from the cooling installations. Investments have been made in a biological purification installation for the purification of our waste water. Rainwater is used for the sanitary facilities and cleaning the (outside of the) vehicles. Waste materials are sorted and where possible avoided. The waste materials produced are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.


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