Bio Bakkerij De Trog

The late seventies saw the birth of Volkorenbakkerij, with the aim of producing honest and high quality bread creations.
The location was a baker’s shop in the picturesque and historical city centre of Bruges.
The number of loyal “De Trog bread-lovers” increased markedly over the following years, also thanks to prolific mouth-to-mouth advertising. And with the extension of the number of De Trog outlets such as bio-shops, bio-planets, Originos and other concepts where De Trog bread became so popular, it will come as no surprise that the very first workshop soon proved too small. The move to a modern, brand-new bakery in Ypres brought solace. We have been baking pure and genuine Bio De Trog bread here since 2005 for all our bread-lovers, day in day out, 7 days a week. Delicious!


"The best carefully selected ingredients, traditional, artisanal preparation, long resting and rising times, the absence of bread improvers, an enthusiastic team of skilled bakers, great passion and love for the real baker’s trade…the recipe for your heavenly, pure artisanal bread!


The choice of our raw materials is determined by the aim for a subtle balance between taste, nutrition, health and the purely artisanal character of our bread delights.

We only prepare our bread with stone-ground meal. Then the whole wheat grain, so also the kernel that contains much vitamin E, is ground on slow-turning millstones and heating is prevented. The carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, mineral trace elements and healthy essential fatty acids are then preserved.


In combination with our unique artisanal way of working, where by respecting the dough resting times and the natural fermentation process all natural aromas can come into their own, one obtains delicious-tasting, pure artisanal bread...enjoy it!"


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Bio Bakkerij De Trog
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