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Altoni and Kelderman are 2 dynamic companies. Altoni specializes in preparing fresh and stuffed pastas. Kelderman has been the specialist in preparing fresh artisanal croquettes and purees for over 30 years.




Sluizenstraat 101 - 2900 Schoten

T. +32 (0)3 685 24 52 -

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At Be Food, we make fresh, artisan salads and catered dishes.
We do this in an industrial, high-quality working environment. With an SME spirit in which team spirit, entrepreneurship and quality are central.



Be Food!

Monnikenwerve 119 - 8000 Brugge 

T. +32 (0)50 55 00 10 -

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The recipe for your delicious artisan bread:
Organic ingredients, a traditional artisan method, long resting and rising times, an enthusiastic team of skilled bakers, a modern bakery, and above all, lots and lots of passion and love for the craft.



Bio Bakkerij De Trog

Rozendaalstraat 65 - 8900 Ieper

T. +32 (0)57 48 54 19 -

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Chicken Masters has become a household name in the poultry meat market. Fresh chicken cuts, delicious hot and cold preparations with an artisanal "touch". Always under the motto: "Tasty food deserves a master".



Chicken Masters

Kortrijksesteenweg 244 - 9800 Deinze 

T. +32 (0)9 381 54 81-

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Excelling in ingredients for ice cream, chocolate, caramel and fruit preparations.
Bringing products of exceptional quality to the market and offering them at a fair price is what we are all about. That's how everyone wins!




Biezenstraat 27 - 2340 Beerse

T. +32 (0)3 312 49 10 -

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Making tasty yogurt and flat cheese is an art.
It requires patience, skill and dedication.



De Lelie Zuivel

Kwade Weide 5 - 2920 Kalmthout

T. +32 (0)3 664 31 90 -

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Our pâté may be authentic, but our machinery is not. Our production process is fully adapted to the demands of our time without losing sight of our main characteristics: craftsmanship, quality and our authentic taste.



De Spiegeleire 

Industrieterrein 1/9 

I.Z. Webbekom 1041 - 3290 Diest 

T. +32 (0)13 35 20 81 -

Website De Spiegeleire





Sud'n'Sol products are delicious, fresh southern fruits and vegetables prepared in the Mediterranean way. To preserve the pure taste of our products, they are marinated in a subtle tasting marinade. The products under the Sud'n'Sol range come under a 100% clean label: no preservatives nor additives are added.




Rozendaalstraat 65 - 8900 Ieper

T. +32 (0)57 22 99 02 -

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Since the 1990s, DV Foods has offered the most complete puff pastry range on the Belgian market. We also offer a total range of chocolate products.



DV Foods 

Gentstraat 56 - 8760 Meulebeke 

T. +32 (0)51 48 52 64 -

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The flexible partner in fresh and animal-friendly eggs for wholesalers, companies and poultry farmers. Only by establishing sustainable partnerships can we create the highest possible added value for everything to do with eggs.



Kempische eierhandel

Industrieweg 120 - 3980 Tessenderlo

T. +32 (0)13 35 98 80 -

Website Kempische Eierhandel





Liquid egg products, fresh eggs, boiled and peeled eggs and pasteurized eggs, for both food service customers, the hospitality industry and industrial food producers Cocovite is a true reference.



Lodewijckx nv

Eindhoutseweg 32 - 2431 Veerle-Laakdal

T. +32 (0)14 84 05 26

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Artisan desserts made with love and passion.
Under private label or own brand.




Pater Ruyffelaertstraat 32 - 9700 Oudenaarde 

T. +32 (0)55 38 56 03 - 

Website Maisonie






Since 1933, Maurice Mathieu has been a well-known producer on the mayonnaise, sauce and salad market. The philosophy of those days is still our guiding principle: using only the very best ingredients, we make a homemade range day in, day out, with respect for tradition and craftsmanship.



Maurice Mathieu 

Westpoort 41 - 2070 Zwijndrecht

T. +32 (0)3 216 01 11 -

Website Maurice Mathieu





Nikita has been a trendsetter in salad production for 50 years. The main principle at Nikita is and remains top quality.




Industrieweg 1002 - 3540 Herk-de-Stad

T. +32 (0)13 55 31 18 -

Website Nikita





Pulviver is an egg-based powder manufacturer and a European leader in the foodservice field. The success behind Pulviver is constant innovation, product development and sustainability: the basis for growth and development in the future.




Zoning Industriel n°1

Rue de la Fagne d'Hi n°39 - 6600 Bastogne

T. +32 (0)61 21.56.21 -

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In the family-run rabbit slaughterhouse Van Assche "Premium Rabbit Meat", craftsmanship, artisanal tradition and modern slaughter techniques are the recipe for our quality, every day.



Konijnenslachterij Van Assche 

Filliersdreef 38 - 9800 Deinze

T.  +32 (0)9 282 54 38 -

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